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It gives me great excitement (and tremendous pride!) to officially announce that my son, Benjamin F. Lowe, III DDS, MSD, has joined our orthodontic practice effective July 1, 2023. Ben received his BS in biology in 2017 at UNC-Chapel Hill where he was both a Copeland Scholar and a member of Phi Beta Kappa. After completing his DDS degree at the UNC Adams School of Dentistry with a perfect GPA in 2021, Ben enrolled in the VCU orthodontic residency program in Richmond, Va., where he recently received his MSD and certificate in orthodontics. VCU is one of the top orthodontic programs in the country and their emphasis on clinical experience is second to none.

In addition to his academic achievements and professional qualifications, Ben will also bring to our office a very engaging personality along with tremendous kindness and compassion. And if it sounds like I am an overly proud and biased father, it’s because I am! But I can also honestly say that even if we weren’t related, Ben would still be, without question, my first choice to join me as an associate in our practice.

So all this begs the next question, one that I’ve already been asked countless times: Does this mean that “old” Dr. Lowe will be retiring soon? The short answer to this question is “absolutely not!". I still love the practice of orthodontics and I especially love working with our amazing team, our wonderful patients and all my trusted dental colleagues.  And now I get to do all of this working side-by-side with my son! I know that I am extremely blessed to have this opportunity and so I definitely plan to practice for quite a few more years.

I truly believe that my 30 years of orthodontic experience (and hopefully a little bit of wisdom as well!) coupled with Ben’s cutting-edge orthodontic education and his youthful energy and enthusiasm will make for an unbeatable combination! Our team here at Lowe Orthodontics just got a lot stronger and our future is very bright indeed.

So please join me in welcoming “Dr. Ben” and his wonderful wife Maggie back to Burlington and into our practice. I cannot wait for everyone to meet them!


Benjamin F. Lowe, Jr. DDS MS (the “old guy”!)