Clear Aligners

These days, clear aligners can be a great alternative to wearing braces - especially for adults and teens who want to avoid the stigma of braces. Clear aligner therapy uses a system of clear, removable trays to straighten teeth. Each aligner is computer generated to custom fit over your teeth and gradually move them into their proper postition. However, clear aligner therapy is not for everyone, as it requires great patient cooperation - 20 to 22 hours of consistent daily wear - and not all patients are cut out to do this.

It is also important to note that there are many different clear aligner systems on the market today. Some are even "do it yourself/at home" options. At Lowe Orthodontics, we believe that there is simply no substitute for having your orthodontic treatment planned by a trained orthodontist (whom you know and trust) and followed closely by that orthodontist (in person) to insure that you get a great result that is healthy and safe. 

Dr. Lowe is a certified Invisalign provider and, in fact, Invisalign is the only system that our office offers. We want nothing but the very best for our patients when it comes to their treatment and results. Invisalign was the first clear aligner system and it is still absolutely - without question - the best! Please see our Invisalign page for more information on the many advantages the Invisalign system offers.