Iconix Braces

"Iconix" Champagne Gold Braces

Iconix champagne gold braces are by far the most versatile bracket that we offer!  Even though the three sets of braces pictured above all look very different from each other, all three are actually the exact same Iconix bracket. The soft champagne gold color has the very unique property of blending in with whatever color its paired with. 

In the center photo, we have paired the Iconix braces with silver colored wires and tooth colored o-rings. This combination gives a very "low key" esthetic apprearance that rivals and sometimes even matches the esthetics of ceramic braces - but, at the same time, avoids the many disadvantages of ceramic braces. Since Iconix braces are actually just coated metal brackets, tooth movement is more efficient, there is less breakage and much less chance of getting unwanted wear on teeth. Because of this unique combination of great esthetics and more effcient tooth movement with shorter treatment times, Iconix has become the "go to" bracket for most of our adult braces patients and many of our older teen patients as well.  

The photo on the left shows Iconix braces that have been paired with gold wires and gold colored o-rings for an electric, 24 karat gold look. Some of our patients really like this idea of letting the braces be "jewelry for their teeth"! Likewise, the photo on the right shows that Iconix braces can also be paired with any combination of multcolored o-rings to get the fun look of traditional colored metal braces. 

So there you have it - Iconix is definitely our most versatile bracket, giving us the unique ability to totally change the look of your braces in the few short minutes it takes to change your wires and o-rings. While most of our Iconix patients simply want to take advantage of the great esthetics, we do have some that like to change from appointment to appointment- going from clear to gold to colors, and back again!